Biblical Text Institute

Learning to read Scripture in the original languages is not a trivial undertaking, it is a journey that requires dedication and commitment. Although this is no small task, the church can work to make the journey easier, more enjoyable, and more accessible to all who would commit to this journey. Our vision is to make modern biblical language resources available to as many Christians across the world as is possible.

Our goal, however impossible it may seem, is to create learning tools and products that enable a world where at least one person in every single church across the world can be found comfortably reading scripture in the original languages.

Biblical Text

The best tools to learn to read the biblie in the original languages should be 100% free for everyone. Read the online biblical greek bible, memoorise words with flashcards, and study mini-lessons.

Learn Koine Greek on your phone, any time, anywhere. With audio, and pictures to make learning faster and easier than any boring textbook. All profit from this mobile app supports the work of the Biblical Text institute.